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February 28, 2012


Bong recreation area announces workdays

(Thanks to Dawn Price)


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Bong recreation area. Would that mean your Mom's basement?

Dave's not here, man.

'Richard Bong State Recreation Area'.....

'Dick Bong'...........inhales deeply.................& *snorks*....

"Bong" and "Work" are like matter and anti-matter.....Ya can't mix-em (in Scottie of Star Trek accent)

Dick Bong State (Park) is suprisingly popular.

Inhaling deeply, hold it, and start giggling.

That "air" does wonders for the THQ lungs.

A realllllly long winter up here. Did I mention that?

Those who have tools may bring them but Bong will try to have all necessary materials.

Dude, great!

Thought we might have to bring our own stash.

I assume this means papers, too?

There are some who are going to be really disappointed.
Do they call the tool storage their "stash"?

I bet very little gets done.

Oh, and somebody better bring the Doritos.

Remember, this is a No Bogarting Zone.

Oh, like, wow, dude! - that's *reads article*..........not what I thought it was.

Once again Dave is evil and must be destroyed.
Or at least fire Judy.

In case anyone wonders why they would name a park after someone with such an odd name: Richard Bong.

Yep. A war hero. Kind of a big one, too.

Strange thing about the Bong recreation area is the "Keep Off The Grass" signs.

At least it's not the Bung Recreation Area

I don't know. I kind of liked the Ding Darling Wildlife Center.

Steve ... that "Ding Darling" area is up the road frum us not very far (in Nodak miles) ... I think we had that before Dick Bong's special place wuz dedicated ...

IIRC, Bong is an Air Force hero. I have been on AFBs with streets named after him.

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