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February 28, 2012


Deer rescues woman from attacker

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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That's awesome.

Am I alone in hearing Percy Sledge singing this article?

Yes, but don't forget to consult the concealed deer laws for your state and municipality, and be sure to heed "No deer permitted on premises" signage.

I have a pit deer myself, for protection.

She must have been using doe-in-heat perfume

Have we learned nothing from James Bond?
Don't mess with Bambi.

No! Deer! Not tonight!

It's amazing what changing spelling and punctuation can do.

This is exactly why I always have a deer on my key chain. Btw, good for the deer!

Nc Do the hooves get in the way when you are using your key chain?

While a man was attacking a woman – choking her with her purse straps and punching her in the forehead – a deer darted in the darkness, startling the attacker and scaring him away, police said Monday.

Deer darts would be a good name for a game...

Didn't Bruce sing "Darting in The Dark"?

Startling Attacker opened for Wounded Victim....

Not really Mikey. But I do have a problem sometimes getting my keys in my purse.


Oh deer.


It cervid him right.


Well ... it wuz brownish ... had four legs, and as many feet ... rather large ears ... din't say much ... about four feet tall ... no tattoos or distinguishing marks ... y'know ... ya see one deer, y'all've perty much seen 'em all ... unless they's the horny variety ... them have certain characterisiticalness that can be distinct ...

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