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February 24, 2012


Instead of getting his transmission fixed as planned, Knight said he spent Wednesday morning on the phone with his insurance provider.

“I told them my windshield was smashed and they asked if it was on the side of a street or in a parking lot,” he said. “I told them, ‘No, a naked woman just got on my hood and stomped on it.’"

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Here we go again -- again with the naked carrying on. Oy!

He noticed what KIND of shoes she was wearing?!? That says a LOT about what she looked like...Yikes!

He wouldn't have spent all morning taking to the insurance company if he had just answered the question properly. "Nude woman stomping on windshield while stopped at an intersection" is considered a driving hazard and covered, "nude woman stomping on windshield in a parking lot" should be covered by the parking lot's insurance and "nude woman stomping on windshield while parked on the side of the road" sometimes isn't covered at all. The insurance people have forms to fill out when classifying claims, when filing a claim you have to give them the information they need so they can checkoff the correct boxes.

From the info given I am glad there were no pictures of the criminal

Probably thought he had chocolate in there.

Max --
Don't forget that if the car was an automatic and in park, it could be different from an automatic in drive with the brake pedal depressed.

The insurance company could also decline to cover the design flaw. Volvo should have engineered the vehicle to withstand a heavy woman wearing only hard shoes stomping on the windshield.

Every man's dream.

Nursecindy, don't you mean "Every man's nightmare"?

Knightmare, wolfsong

She was, in her own mind, filming a commercial for an insurance company as the female version of mayhem.

Why wouldn't he file charges? Did he want a hookup?

I thought men liked looking at naked women!

Two separately totaling 250 pounds would be just fine. Rolled up into one, not so much. Although stomping on the windshield is a real mood killer in any case. I guess, not having any actual experience.

There are naked women and maked women, cindy (as you certainly know). I'm sure there are some guys (forgive me for mentioning it) who would like to look at (say) Roseanne Barr naked. Most of the rest of us, however, would agree with oldfatguy and thank Dave for not including an article with pictures.

For example (VERY SERIOUS WARNING - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR ANYWHERE ELSE), here is someone described as a naked fat lady on PCP going batsh!t crazy, for your edification.

Now I don't want to see this but you might.

But probably not.

Thanks for the useful information that you post!

True NMUA.

having spent too long pushing paper, I often forget that some people do not know the cardinal rules of bureaucracy:

1) the boxes have to be filled in

2) it doesn't matter if what is filled in is true or not, only that the boxes are filled in

3) what is filled in the boxes affects what happens; could be good, could be bad, but not filling in the boxes is always bad

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