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February 26, 2012


Cher to tour again

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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But I thought her 2005 Farewell to the Fair Well Tour was the final.

Gosh, she needs help. Or she'll be doing this when she's 100.

That means I'll have to sell my Final Tour memorabilia on ebay, in order to get the new Final Tours memorabilia. Darn you, Cher!

Wonder if Chaz is gong to be around.

PS she has had so many plastic surgeries, I am surprised that she can open her mouth to sing.

Cher's alive?

I thought she WAS 100

Gotta love an 80 year old who says "No s**t!"

Pssst wingnut and SW! A certain Blog, who shall remain nameless, is only a year younger than Cher. This is actually Cher's 'Farewell To Farewell Tour 2000 And Any Other Farewell Tours She May Have Done Previously'. Or, better known as the FTFT2AAOFTSMHDP tour.

Cher tweets: “Oh my God!! Just saw the sets 4 (for) the show!!! I cant show u (you) cause (sic) you’d never 4give (forgive) me!!!"

Please turn ur(your) mobile phone upside down now!!!
370HSSV 0773H

Only if she brings back Sonny.

" I got you Grams... I got you Grams... "

"At the time, she joked she was too old to tour again, saying, “I’m approaching 80 and if I did that thing everyone does, come back in five years, I’d be driving around in one of those carts you know, the ones with the joysticks you see in Costco.”

The Washington Monument's lengthy renovation was finally completed. Its face was sanded down. Its slabs were smoothed, and the rear wall was fortified. It's the same work Cher has done every three years.

*Dave experiences a resulting mighty belly laugh.


Hope her teeth don't fall out when she opens her mouth to lipsynch sing....she'll have to gum the words....

Maybe if we could help get Cher a real job, like at Costco or something, maybe she would burn her feathers once and for all. It's worth a try.

Tnx, gang ... yer makin' me feel REALLY old ... she's younger than I do be, accordin' to the SSA count ...

Tours of Misery!

Or in some cases, winter count.....

Heard that her boy toy for this tour is rumored (not rumoured) to be Jack Lalanne.

Dan, you're on a roll. Gotta keep up...thirds of mystery...words of Mr. E...curds of history...I'm loading them all, ready to fire.

*snork* @ dan

U(you) no(know) what they say: 'Turds of a Feather...'

Ohhhh, I belieeeeve in life
after Cher (after Cher after Cher after Cher)...

(try to kill THAT earworm!)

Whut? Speak UP! And get off my lawn!

jack lalane is, sadly... dead. she will have to find someone else.
what's john mccain doing?
gypsies, tramps and..........cough, cough...

The b*tch goes on
The b*tch goes on on on on on...

Considering her boytoys I think she is working on a variation of the Groucho theory:

"A man's only as old as the woman he feels."

Maybe she's trying to beat King Tut's record?

Since no one else has said it, let me...


First Manilow and now this. Haven't we suffered enough this year?

Well, I wonder how this tour will turn out.

Bang Bang.

Aw, thanks JSG & ligirl. Glad the meme is appreciated. Otherwise, the posts would simply be...

Words of Misery!

I was hoping I'd wake up this morning to find this had all been just a nightmare caused by a bad burrito or the like but unfortunately not.

It's the nightmare that keeps on giving.


She will never be a Grams. Chaz??????

Any truth to the rumor that Cher had Hasbro make several life sized Cher action figures and they are really doing the tour.

She's at the age where she looks better on her driver's license.

Shoddy reporting. They didn't even tell us what her @twitter name is.

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