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January 24, 2012


Crispy Testicles with Onion, Pepper, and Caper Sauce

(Thanks to funny man)


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so good dave ordered a 'double'...

kinda repeats on you tho, don't it?

Double post? Time to fire judi...

O'er the lamb parts we watched....

Sans testicles, one does not caper much.

Wait--is this somehow related to the Doritos video?
Because both these 'delicacies' will cause gas...

"Cut the testicles into 1/2-inch slices and ..."

Check, please!

Serve with ballsamic vinegar....

ballsamic vinegar, haaaaa, snork.

You know, penicillin will clear that right up.

it's a blue plate special

Mr. Zeribel's favorite meal...

Where's the beef?

Served with hot tea, I should think.


Out here in Montana, we call 'em Rocky Mountain oysters. Pretty good, too.

Bah. Just bread 'em and fry 'em and serve with beer. Rocky Mountain Oysters don't need a bunch of gew gaws.

While you're eating them, does Obi Wan almost faint from a massive disturbance in the Force ?

I gnu that, Bill ... but here on the (comparatively) flatlands ... "Prairie" suffices fer folks around here ... & them whut dislikes the concept [her bein' MB(RH?) in particular] know exACTly whut is bein' on the menu ...

How do you "prepare" lamb testicles? Seems like separating them from the lamb is a "preparing" them.

That's merely "preliminaryiousness", Dan ... a couple more steps are (should be) followed before actually consumin' said delicacies ...

You gonna eat that pickle?

Don't hasta look it up, Alferd ... however, a question springs to mind ... Wadju have fer provisions during Lent? Mermaids?

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