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January 26, 2012


ABBA to release first new song in 18 years

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Them wacky Swedes!

Fernando will be pleased.

The answer to no one's prayer.

Hey! I like ABBA! Mamma Mia what's wrong with you people?

ABBA is Italian?!?!?!

Hu gnu?

Oh, sorry, Dave. It's between 42nd and 48th streets, off First Ave. You're welcome.

Didn't Stephen King cover this in his story "Sometimes They Come Back"?

Are they doing a cover for Copacabana? Then Dave will really be overjoyed.

Hey! Whut happened to mud's post?


I know all the words to Mamma Mia and I always sing along whenever I watch the video. I'm available for parties, bar mitzvah's, and weddings.

I know all the werds to "Oleanna" and "Eddystone Light" and "Last Call" and "Luang Prabang" ... but I never get hired to do anythin' once they've heard me sing ...

I know most of the verses to "Roll Me Over In The..."
Never mind.
(My then toddler daughter once made my visiting family sit up and take notice by giving a rousing rendition of this song from her crib).

Oops! The mouths of babes, and all that, eh?

I've had several of that nature with the kids ... one uproarious pun I couldn't pass up, but the best wuz prolly the time when I muttered under my breath about the "stoopid S.O.B" who cut me off in traffic ... frum the back seat came the voice, "Stupid A-B-C ..."

O so U were driving Vanna home from margaritaville?

Gnaw ... my eldest daughter is a LOT younger than Vanna ...

As to "Vanna" ... OK ... she's "decorative" and ... prolly a "wonderful human being" ... but I've never thot she's THAT hot ...

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