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January 30, 2012


Some helpful suggestions.


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Canned meat and political debates. Hmm..

Have the candidates sit down for a SPAM eating contest!?


Whyn't y'all have the candidates provide the power to turn the wind-electricity-generating machines?

Oh ... that's in SoCal ... nevermind ...

Two minutes ago the ad at the top of Dave's article read "Florida Families Suffered: Newt Cashed IN!" Even the blog is not safe

There's an election?

Where's a nice hurricane when you need it?

I am so sorry we got here before the primary was over. Believe me, everything Dave said has been said (or at least implied) in the endless, sleazy ads.

I was watching the local news this morning when they went directly from one story to Tom Brokaw - apparently now embarked on a new career as a local reporter in south Florida - talking about how the House had "just" brought all these ethics charges against Newt.

I was beginning to think I was experiencing flashbacks when I heard "I'm M!tt R0mney and I approve this message."

Now I need another shower.

Dave, you forgot one suggestion: throw the lawn furniture in the pool, preferably with the candidates in there.

And I'm like, is it too late to bring back the serial sexual harasser with a fixation on the number "nine"?


Your a$$ is gra$$....

Be afraid; be very, very afraid...

It's because as terrible as women are, at least they know it. The oblivious men who think they are awesome parker incarnates are far worse.

If there's one advantage to living in Illinois(and this would be the only one) it's that one party has everything so wrapped up that neither party spends a dime advertising here for the general election. So we can focus our attention on important stuff, like erectile dysfunction and car insurance.

The one advantage currently to living in IL is that Blagojevich is not.

wingnut, same holds true for New York. Unfortunately, at the moment we're in Florida...

What with Bayou Billionaires, Swamp People, Cajun Pawn Stars, and Billy the Exterminator the canidates won't bother coming to Louisiana.

Blago doesn't report until after Valentine's Day -- and even then he might be out while his appeal winds through the docket.

As long as the PSA for adopting dogs doesn't come on TV, I prefer political ads.

"...nailed again." That does seem to sum up every election I've ever experienced.

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