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January 27, 2012




(Thanks to Kathryn)

(Sorry about the bad link before)


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So low flow toilets make me log into an unknown website? I don't get it??????

OFG, pretty much. Low flow toilet, googly mail link: neither one properly delivers the content.

Surprisingly, we all can't view Dave's email.

Is that why we go to the bathroom? To avoid stoppage?

Oh, you mean the plumming....

I happen to own a 7-gallon Hi-Flow toilet ... well, two of 'em, actually ...

Dave knows this, he read my t-shirt ...

Or did I mention this already?

(Merely helpin' Dave as he preaches to the choir ...)

There are companies that have dual flush toilets -- up for #1, down for #2. I tried to send it in to McClatchyMail powered by GoOgle, but neither the Blog nor judi picked up (!) on it.


Which is worse? A low-flow toilet, or a warning sign written entirely in Comic Sans?

Now lemme get this straight... We use low flow toilets to conserve water, but they don't...uh...scavenge well, so we have to flush them a lot more often.

And I seem to remember OtU's 7 Gallon Gargler from several years back.

They also need a sign that says "Don't hover and pee all over the seat. If you do, clean it up."

...buncha low down four-flushers...

Correctamundo, pogo ... I even have a t-shirt that professes my claim to Fame & Glory (not "glory hole") ...


(1) Much less effective for scalding siblings in the shower.

Doncha hate it when you flush and your spouse has to tell you that the SS Titanic put off a few lifeboats before it went down?

You know what's almost as bad as low-flush toilets? Signs written in Comic Sans.

Lets see...low flows were "ideally" designed to save water.

However, my low flow frequently requires 2 or 3 flushes...so HOW is this saving water or money?

Never trust Congress when they make laws to "fix" what does not need "fixing"...

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