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January 30, 2012


...what, specifically, led to this policy.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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... um ... people goin' out in public wearin' pajama pants with no pockets?

Oh Oh Oh! I know this one! I used to work for a cable company that had a store where you could come in and pay the bill. They regularly - REGULARLY - had people come in and pull money from out of their underwear. Often, it was elderly people, and the money was wet and smelled of urine. The staff would keep rubber gloves and plastic bags at their stations for just such occassions.

We did not pay these staffers enough.

Well ... OK ... that too ...

But I still say them wearin' PJs often don't have a place to put their "stuff" (rememberin' George Carlin here, RIP) ...

Do them oldsters go out wearin' PJs?

They kept coming up shorts.

Urine the money

Payment doo

Bottom dollar

And they were really tired of the guy who kept singing, "Come, Mister tallyman, tally me banana."

Here in the south it's not unusual for some women, not me, to keep their money in their bra.

In my days at the Stop-and-Rob, this happened about once a day. It was rarely a positive experience.

Change you can BVD in.

...& Keep your DEPOSIT SLIPS Outta MY Drawers!

well, what about this new garment i saw advertised -- stay lazy or something. looks like an oversized union suit with a drop backside. ewww, bet those folks dont even wear underwear. feh.

Is that a roll of dimes in your pants or are you just happy to see me? (And woefully "underfunded").

It would be ok if it was laundered money

What about singles, folded in half and sorta bent in the middle?

hey William - lemme see ur 'Big Bill'...

Gives new meaning to the words, finding booty.

...or filthy lucre.

♫ She's got boobs that jingle, jangle, jingle ♫

Isn't that why they call them handbags...?


Kind of like the Mae West boob bank.

Oh boy some ole stinky money.

Safety deposit boxers.

A friend of my husband's said he knew people who carried it 'there' so it was safe if they got robbed. Not a lot of people about to frisk someone that closely.

I can think of a good reason. When I delivered pizza, my manager would send me to deliver any orders going to the local strip clubs, because when he sent a male driver, the male driver would take forever. The strippers would almost always pay me in $1 bills that were folded, greasy, and or damp. I hated it!

Let me also say that those strippers were some of the worst timers I ever encountered, even worse than the Sunday after church crowd. It really surprised me considering the strippers lived off their tips.

Ms. Flukey, that is repulsive. Were the staffers allowed to spray the money with Lysol before handling it? Ewwwwwww.

@OtherCindy: "Not a lot of people about to frisk someone that closely."

Been to an airport lately?

There are other reasons to keep money in your underwear. Around here it's to hide $80,000 from the FBI in an EEEE bra (or maybe a Z bra). See http://www.wbaltv.com/r/25773307/detail.html

The most surprising about the sign is that "undergarments" is not misspelled "undergarment's".

Personally, I prefer to keep my underwear in my wallet.

G - Rubber gloves, straight into plastic bags. I don't want to know what the bank did with it.

Too many men claiming they had a ten and pulling out fives.

*SNORK* @ Steve

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