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January 26, 2012


Suspicious cookie prompts evacuation of Berrien County Courthouse

(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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"Heit believes the cookies were chocolate chip."
God forbid some terrorist would leave a bag of snickerdoodles!

Damm those terrorists! Who can resist chocolate chips?

"Heit believes the cookies were chocolate chip."
The cookies were closer than the donut shop. No evidence left to confirm. Who knew Mrs. Fields wore a burka?

Maybe they had the cookies confused with Death by Chocolate.

Lorna Dooms?

Elves got plastic? (Countin' chips ... C-6, C-7, C-8 ...)

Maybe the Cookie Monster is retaliating for being taken off Seasame Street.

Get the county IT guys on this -- "Delete all cookies" isn't working.

Anybody seen my milk?


Who knows what the damage might have been if there had been raisins!

Suspicious Snooki?

Oh, cookie, nevermind.

This is the county in Michigan that is closest to Chicago. Just sayin'.

In any non-government office, someone would have just looked in the bag.
I retired from the government. Some of the security precautions were ridiculous.
It took over an hour most days to go through State Police security to go see my boss.
So, I'd call him about 15 minutes before I arrived and he'd come down and let me in a side door.
This door was where the smokers went outside to smoke. Sometimes, I'd just wait until one used his badge to get back in and I'd follow. Nobody ever said anything.

Aha! An "alternate" ending to Casablanca ...

Louis: "Round the usual suspects."

Rick: "Lemme have one of them cookies, Louis, and this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Chiplet chocs! Cook me some gimmees!

It's lysdexic day at the wolf cave.....

*Skron @ Snowflog*

No snark: this is my local courthouse.

Now yer FAMOUS, Olo ... when's yer book signing tour?

(Merely teasin' ... no snark ...)

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