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January 29, 2012


Bournemouth resident mystified by 'blue sphere shower'

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and cyberick)


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Reason it out. UFOs. Containing living aliens. Must be toilets of some kind. Where do you think the content ends up when they're flushed?

I hope he didn't actually touch one of these things. He could end up like Fran whats-her-name.

Snork @ Omni!

O/T slightly: This morning flipping the channels I came across a show about teenagers with special powers who served a giant jellyfish. When they went through a portal, they became really bad Mexican wrestlers with face masks. I say really bad because they always seem to get their butts whipped as they fought ...what looked like...a giant turd. They they united and became a giant warrior with a magic sword who sorta vanquished the turd.

I kidd you not. It was called Teenage Tattooed Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills. NOW THAT IS WEIRD.

I think the writers and producers were smoking something when they came up with this show.

So maybe the blue goo balls were a local promo
for the show???

No wonder some young kids are disturbed

funny man -- I've heard it said (by sumbuddy who knows) that " a LOT of stuff in the entertainment 'business' gets created while under the influence of drugs ..." so ... yer observation on the weirdnessism is no surprise ...

On this guy's "problem" ... I think he may have endangered us all, when he put a "jelly-like" subtance into whut he gnu wuz a "jam" jar ...

*Goin' to put on my tinfoil hat ...*

sounds like a blue meanie to me

And your balls in the fridge!!!

Well, it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go, cat, go.

But don't you step on my blue sphere goo.

I thought the goo-goo balls opened for Mister Mister, back in about 1987....

Somewhere, a 747 airplane mechanic is thinking "Now why is my loo absorbent missing?"

Nope, not mine. Mine are sticky and smell.


Go to the Geisha Bath House down by the Oscar Mayer plant and ask for Phillopia, she'll give you a good rate on a blue sphere shower.

...ummm, I hear.

I saw strange goo incidents open for Motley Crue.

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