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January 28, 2012


Fran Drescher: I was abducted by aliens and they implanted a chip in my hand

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I, for one am skeptical.

Aliens would not leave that laugh intact. Would they?

Sadly their view of us as a species is probably based entirely on the specimens they have studied. On the other hand they certainly wouldn't consider us a threat!

Alien: "Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life on this planet."

Oh, she's nuts! That explains a lot and I agree no self respecting alien would have left her laugh or voice intact.

So that is why she has that horrid laugh.

This is why aliens tend to focus their efforts in the southern part of the United States. One New Yawker was too much. I'm betting whatever they implanted her with is some kind of warning signal to make sure they don't pick her up again.

Outer space is nothing compared to what's between her ears.

geez now where did i just read about someone missing their chips

It does serve to explain both her nagging, annoying voice, as well as her acting skills.

Or lack thereof.

She does realize that "UHF" was just a movie, right?

In her hand? Real aliens put implants in the brain; that's why you use tinfoil hats.

An old friend is now disabled by schizophrenia, believing the CIA has a chip in her brain. She seems normal until her paranoia attacks and she heads for Canada instead of taking her drugs; she doesn't like the side effects. I don't know what Fran Drescher is on, but if she really believes she's been abducted by aliens at least she's keeping a sense of humor about it. It's not funny for some people. /end rant.

A chip in her hand, eh?


...And we were going to use recordings of her laugh to explode the Mothership if the aliens ever landed. Well, back to the drawing board.

Ralph, where does it say that Drescher is schizophrenic? I've worked psychiatric units many times and it is not a funny disease nor would I make fun of anyone with that particular disability. In fact someone in the midst of a full blown schizophrenic episode is scary as heck because, given the chance, they can hurt you. One patient tried to throw a nurse friend out of a 5th story window one night. After she was on her medication though, she was a lovely person. It's very sad.

I have bone chips in my knee but they don't communicate that I can hear.
I don't THINK that aliens were involved, but there is a time I don't remember.
There was a doctor involved, or at least a guy in a white coat.
Any of this sound familiar, Fran?
Fran? FRAN?
Shoot, we lost the signal.

Apologies to Ralph, and anyone else, if I sounded mean earlier. My entire family, kids etc., have had the flu this week and of course I've taken care of them. I told them all to get a flu shot in October but did they listen? No. Next year I'm going to give it to them myself while they're asleep.

A chip in the hand is worth two in the ...

My strict policy prohibits me from finishing that sentence.

Sorry to hear about all the flues fluses cases of flu at your house nc.... Yeah, I wondered what was up with your rant at Ralph's rant, because he had a personal story there. But Fran does sound like something's wrong, don't-cha think? Those of us who have had these personal experiences kind of flinch when we hear someone who seems to.... be having issues like that.

Snork, Fran.

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