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January 29, 2012


The sky is snoring.

(Thanks to funny man)


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As Nostrawhatshisname predicted!

We're going to need more aluminum foil.

Where's the old man?

At least it wasn't farting.


A friend of mine's weird sense of humor, as he woke up sleeping homeless people in a 1987 visit to NYC.

Oh, but it WUZ "farting" ... snoring and farting are quite similar, differing primarily (and only) in their point (?) of origin ...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... mudstuffin really gets around the world quickly, do he not?

Dave! You need to SEE THIS! I can't figure how to actually message you, but this is the most "guy" show the world has ever known. It came from a Can/Bag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLnUW8Tr4L0 In this one they drink a great deal of beer and dare each other to eat horrible insects that are being sold as food "somewhere" They eat far for worse. "Surstromming to name one" But this is the closest we will ever see to eat bugs for money, its eat bugs for attention. "YOU might also like the 20 second beer reviews"

The prophets SRV and Jimi warned of this sky is crying phenom. But it was Elmore James who started it all.




I saw this.


Roy is best known for the 'Crying' part of the ongoing prophecy we witness today.


I just realized this about the sky snoring, not crying. I guess I'll not hit the Post button. I've never been much of a prognasticator.

You didn't even prognosticate not hitting the "post" button.

I don't know, but I think those tapes are of my husband...

Also: Its aim is to "excite the ionosphere" ... Whoah, where do we learn how to do that?

Message from The Sky

The best I can think of is the audience at an ABBA concert.

Aliens are bombarding the earth with high frequency recordings of Fran Dresher's voice.

The ionosphere snores after it's been excited? Hmmm. Ligirl's gonna get me in trouble at work, where I'm supposed to quiet.

And...working. :)

The sky is snoring sounds like a WEird Al Yankovic parody of Stevie Ray Vaughn


snork @ NC!

Thank God. Now when my wife complains I've got a scapegoat to blame it on. Though I'm sure she will think of another reason to continue the bony elbow jabs.

Darth Vader is back.

See, I told you!! ... Sort of!!

So let it snore. It must be tired.

Earth sucks

Speaking of snoring, I watched Undercover Boss tonight. Dave should really try this with Judi.

The Sky was watching the State of the Union address.

And it has morning breath.

whew. thought it was from all those power-generating eyesores. glad i'm "wrong' about that....

Someone dirnt send that email to 20 people quick enough.

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