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January 26, 2012


Sorry, guys: Chick Beer is not for you

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The new question will no longer be "does my behind look big" but a long sustained beelch.

"Urppppppppppp!!" Then the ladies will giggle themselves silly....

PS: Guys: wondering what to get her for VD? This might, or might not, be the answer!

They renamed Zima?

What a name. I wonder how the flavor is?

Hey, why not? Guys have THIS.

Tastes like ... chicken?

What's the percentage of chicks in the malt?

Chick Beer has 4.2% ABV.

1.6 gallons ought to do the trick.

The new name for Round Heel Beer ?

Does it come with goggles?

I've been a fan of the "Treasure Valley" ever since I saw that Raquel Welch flick and...
What do you mean, it's a place name?

Location, Location, Location, Steve.

And Raquel has some REALLY NICE "locations" ... merely sayin' ...

Meanie, no goggles, but it does come with a lunch bag and a Sharpie.

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