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January 24, 2012


Here's How to Get Pregnant in 2012!

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Kind of makes ya wonder where all the kids come from before we learnt how to do it.

So the accidental conception in the back seat of dad's '67 Olds is no longer an option?

The old procedure never worked for me. My wife, now, that's another matter.

Sez there's 20 fotos ... but nuthin' of whut might be "instructive" IMH-bc-O ...

It always puzzled me that there are all these people "trying" to get pregnant yet we have other people popping out kids like McCheese burgers at Micky D's
According to some of the teenagers they did not do anything but kiss and got pregnant?

That sumtimes depends upon whut they kissed with, ofg ... and where (anatomically speakin') they "kissed" ...

A pre-conception visit with her doctor? Madonna did not do this, and her album ("Immaculate Conception")came out okay...

This Just In ..m

Oh geez now we have to write instructions. The old procedure worked just fine. You know some people just try to think too much into this. This is a no brainer. I will repeat a no brainer. However remember to enjoy the process as you are getting pregnant. Spontaneity.

Next: How to get into a fender-bender in that parking lot.

Sounds like the worlds worst pick-up line: "Let me show you how to get pregnant......"

I agree with Theresa ... & I'm reminded of whut a grandpa of MB(RH?) used to say ...

"Anybody can make a girl ... he's got the pattern right in front of him ..."

I could walk through the maternity department of a store and get pregnant.

If I remember correctly from one of Dave's older articles, all you had to do was "hold hands firmly".

Er, nineteen things to get it right? Sheesh, there's only three bases and home plate. Are we talking about extra innings or something? And designated hitters are just right out!

Apparently, the new procedure has something to do with an extra ball under your shirt. I always thought the two old-style balls were enough.

Snork @ Ralph!

Things were never this complicated for us geezers.
But now, as the article says, ya gotta "get on the pill", then "get off the pill", "walk up a hill",
"fall down a hill" and apparently land on Jack.

Then there are 15 more things ya gotta do?

I think I'll look into adoption, thank you....

I remember the the Navy's 12 buttons/12 chances to say no. that is the only counting I can think of.


your meanung the 15 long island ice teas it would take for Rosie O'Donnell to get pregnant.

What's wrong with the dirty magazine and turkey baster method?

The dirty magazine and turkey baster method, is whut's worng with TDMATBM ... and that wouldn't even BAGNFARB ...

..and if you succeed you might get some peace in 2030...

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