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January 31, 2012


Toledo woman accused of trying to rob store with curling iron

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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But the .38 has done absolute wonders for her hair.

update: crime wave rolls through toledo

It was a hair-raising experience.

I would have given her ALL the money in exchange for a promise not to uncover her face again.

hands up! this is a curl-up....

Holy Toledo, Batman!

Seems as tho this "gang" is a bit unclear on the concept of "masked" banditry ... & I'm wonderin' WHY a tax preparation service has cash on hand ... ? ? ? I'd guess that most people would pay with a check, or actually mail in the payment to the IRS their ownselfs ...

Sorry to imply any logic should apply to ironed robbery ...

Another tragedy that could have been avoided through community and law enforcement vigilance. Sure, bobby pins may seem like a victimless indulgence, but look what they can lead to.

I warned you folks about Toledo, months back, but would you listen? Oh, no.

Ah! I get it now!

She thot it wuz a "shootin' iron" ...

They had been there before to get their taxes done? Crooks are definitely getting dumber.

A curling iron? A 4 iron would have been more effective.

Imagine the note she *might* have handed the teller...

" Gimme all your money or I'll curl and maybe burn your hair and your skin...My curling iron is loaded.."

But was it plugged in?

Hair today, Goon tomorrow.

Curling iron. Aren't they those things you slide down the ice and try to get into the bullseye?

Gnaw, Layz' ... that's a curling ROCK ... mebbe if she'd've had one of them (they weigh nearly 50 pounds), she'd've been more believeable as a gangsta ...

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