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January 25, 2012


Cat in the cockpit grounds Toronto-bound airplane

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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"Cat in the Cockpit" was on the B side of "Smokin' in the Boys' Room", right?

No, I think it was the Royal Guardsmen's followup to "Snoopy and the Red Baron."




Air Traffic Control: Air Canada 603, you are cleared for takeoff.
Air Traffic Control: Repeat - AC 603, you are cleared for takeoff. Do you copy?
Air Canada 603: Meow!
Air Traffic Control: Roger.
Air Canada 603: Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... a "cat" in the cockpit ... isn't that why pilots have joysticks?

I thought it was "Cat in the Cradle" says he, as he climbs on Padraig's geezer bus.

It thought it saw a squirrel.

Train now leaving on track 29 for Anaheim... Azusa... and Cuc

...amonga. Please secure your cats in your compartments.

Never tell Ripples' owner a secret.

He's known for letting the cat outta the bag . . .

Can't seem to recall where I've heard that before, obs. I'm drawing a Blanc.

And my sweet tooth suddenly kicked in, MTB.

Oddly, I'm craving cara-mel.

I swear to God I will not make a pu$%y comment here.....not gonna happen! But...

Better start wearing my reading glasses -- at first glance I thought the story was about "cat in a crockpot."

Tastes like chicken, coscolo ...


You can drive, but you can't fly!!!

Man, how dumb can people be?
All they had to do was walk in and say, in a calm voice, "Cat, this aircraft is headed for Canada. In late January."
They'd have been cleared for takeoff in no time.

Steve ... I disagree a teensy bit ... the cat might've thot they wuz goin' to BC ... now, if they'd've said "We're goin' to TORONTO!" ... heck, even I would've got off that plane ...

Why was it so hard to find it? Couldn't they do a cat scan?

Besides, unlike a squirrel, a little pussy never hurt anybody.

I suppose it beats a cock in the catpit.

I mean, you know, those roosters can get LOUD.

Does this mean the crew was pussywhipped? Can I say that on the blog? Don't ban me, I'm harmless.

You could be armless, though, if you go on that beastly roller coaster.

I've driven with a cat loose in the car; it was okay until it jumped on the back of the driver's seat and used my head to break its momentum. Not something I would want my pilot to experience during takeoff!

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