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January 29, 2012


Unidentified haggis causes security meltdown in Scottish railway station

(Thanks to Monique, who asks, "Isn't all haggis 'unidentified'?")


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Speaking of "unidentified haggis," when will we get a link to Dave's appearance on Face the Nation? Syndicated Communist Dave Barry.

Did they arrest the offending "unaccompanied Haggis"?

If not, why not?

Has the queen gone soft on Haggis?

Just think of all the sheep who will sleep better...

Although open carry of Haggis is actually legal in Michigan, it's recommended that those who wish to exercise their 78th amendment rights to keep and bear vile Scots substances apply for a Concealed Haggis Permit.

If this wuz s'posed to be "humorous" ... it's a bit more droll than even the usual Scots' efforts ...

As long as it is in a clear plastic .....EWWWW!

I can see it now... a new Scottish reality show...

"Haggling for Haggis"...

Each week a Scotsman will risk his life for a bowl of
Haggis. He also gets extra points if he can convince
foreigners to try some, or if he can convince TSA
people its delicious....

The haggis was four feet tall!? Surely there must be another meaning for the word.

And someone has to say it: Unidentified Haggis WBAGN....

Scottish pinata, perhaps, except I'd be afraid of what might fall out when it was whacked.

OT: Comments would not allow me to spell pinata with a tilde over the N as is proper. Are no "foreign characters" allowed?

I love it when Unidentified Haggis plays an acoustic set.

There's a BBQ chain in SC on my route between homes. One has a buffet which always has a big pan of some stuff that I love.
It isn't meat, but maybe it has some in it. What kind? Who knows?
I've tried to figure out what it is but can't name a single ingredient.
Now, I'm afraid to ask because I like it too much.
What if it's haggis?

Steve ... you don't ask, and they won't tell ...

and, Steve ... as long as it's not The Specialty of the House it should be OK ...

(y'all could look it up ... short story, I think I've got the title correct ... been a LONG time since I discovered that little gem ...)

We saw Unidentified Haggis open for Captain Beefheart.

That was funny!

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