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January 25, 2012


Thorpe Park’s new Swarm ride leaves test dummies with missing limbs


(Thanks to wiredog)


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"Look, ma ....."

£20 million rollercoaster? of course it cost an arm & a leg

The photo in the article had the caption, "Some of the dummies came abck without any limbs..."

Apparently, some also came back without spellcheck.

So will the new roller coaster be a Surrey with a Nicked Off Top?

Roller Coasters are great and a new one is always coming out to outdo the last. I don't think I would want to ride it.

Now that they know how effective the ride is on the well-being of test dummies, they can get sum human dummies ...

When our family went to Kings Island one day, my daughter and I were in line for one of the roller coasters that was late opening.
I spent the time convincing the teenagers nearby that they'd tested it that morning and were having trouble finding some of the bodies.
A little innocent amusement.

Wasn't this one of the featured attractions at Dave's World that you wrote about several years ago?

You must be This Tall (and no more) to go on this ride.

I don't think they have a leg to stand on.

for now, the park will remain Swarm-less

Hey, it was just a test ride. No arm, no foul.


Actually, MtB ... I thot it wuz "No blood, no foul" ... oh ... nevermind ...

Meh. As stories go, it had its ups and downs . . .

I smell a PR stunt. Four obviously female (their breasts barely covered by the restraints) mannequins held in the grasp of an evil looking creature. These are not test dummies but store mannequins made (so as to be lightweight) of thin shell plastic. You could probably blow there limbs off by driving real fast with the top down in a convertible. Sorry, I am cranky today.

And get off my lawn!!

Well, they were told to keep their arms and legs inside the "lockbucket" seat, but did they listen?
Nooo. That's because they were dummies. At least they didn't scream like "real" people would, after losing a limb or two.

But I think a redesign is a wise move.

Test results: mostly armless.

Not as scary as the story below it (which is not for the men of the blog). Yikes.

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