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January 29, 2012


Sandwich woman surrenders 71 rats

(Thanks to funny man)


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I saw "Uncontrolled Breeding" open for Whitesnake.

A little Dijon on a kaiser roll...good eatin'.

They say that the rats " ... a permanent home ..."

How about sellin' 'em to those folks with the pythons? That'd be permanent ...

She started with 2 and ended up with 71?

Sounds like Congress adding pork to bills...

"Congressional pork...not good enough to eat"...

*wonders what's between her buns*

Now if a rat woman surrenders 71 sandwiches, that would be news.

The nurses in my office were upset when I brought a mouse in for my tarantula, Kathy.
I thought it odd that a mouse running wild in the office would have them buying traps by the gross, but giving it to a spider gave them empathy.
However, the mouse and spider got along very well all day.
Then, I turned the lights off to go home...

Snork @ NC and @ Jeff!!


Once lived with a guy that had a mouse eating snake that grew to the point that buying mice to feed it got expensive. He got hooked up with a rat owner who had a similar experience who traded the rats for getting to bring his friends to watch the show.
The things we used to do to entertain ourselves


She's a true hero.

Speakin' of surrender ... I see France is gonna quit belongin' to NATO ...

The title makes me think that she's using rats as a patty.....

they should introduce her to the guy who gave away 94 hamsters a couple weeks ago. folks need a better hobby.

Queensbee, agreed, but one that does NOT involve reproduction. Either among themselves or furry rodents.

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