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January 27, 2012


‘Face the Nation’ gives you Dave Barry, but no Romney-Gingrich debate


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Send HIM to Washington!

Just another cheesey ploy to get ratings. Network bastages.

It looks like an improvement to me. Yeah, Dave.

Next stop: This Week with Christiane Amanpour!

Are my eyes faulty or is that a Winter Olympic slalom medal hanging from Dave's neck?

Mitch -- It was one of the ways that the Dakotans (North, south, east or west? I dont' remember) honored His Daveness since sending him souvenier lift station product wasn't seen as being very friendly.

Actually, that's the medal they gave our Dave for bein' so brave as to attend "Cats Incredible" in the coldest depths of a Nodak wintertime ... tho the pratt-swatter for bein' so foolish as to step outdoors without earmuffs is not shown in this foto ...

(No foolin' ... I know the fotog who tooken this pic, spent abt six years of my life in that town ... visit there every fall ... fotos of my own mebbe next year?)

How come they don't say who Dave will be debating?

NoDaks drool! I'm a Minot baby myself. Although I don't have any memories of the place, the b/w photos my parents took seem to indicate that despite the Michelin parka, my face was not particularly happy. Thankfully, we were given a reprieve and sent to Hickham AFB in Hawaii.

Ah, Mitch ... y'all be an AF brat? I know more than a few folks who've been stationed @ either GF or Minot, and when they fill out their hitch (career or short-timer) they return to our Frozen Northland for jobs or retirement ...

But Hawai'i is nice, I'll grant y'all that ... and I'd surmise that an expression on yer face might've been as much directed as distaste with the idea of a foto session, as with the cold ... (our mildest winter EVER is goin' on even as we speak ... y'all come back any time ...)

i don't think dave will bedating anyone, meanie

I think we need to see Dave's tax returns before the primary.

We also need to know the extent of his relationship with Fannie and Freddie. (Not the banks, but Freddie and Fannie Schwartz, Dave's neighbors at the end of the cul-de-sac).

O the Umanity, I haven't been to North Dakota since we left in early 1963 though I would like to go back. The closet I got to a return trip was spending a few frightful days in a New Mexico hospital (1969?) with a orderly who was stationed at Minot. His after-visiting-hours attention really helped me feel at home it strange surroundings.

Dave will make a lot more sense than the politicians. Besides, everyone's in favor of the Toilet Platform.

Yeah, but wait till the Blog visits NoDak in Mosquito Season.

In other news from ND, The Sioux Crew has been replaced by NDN.

Does this appearance on a news program mean the Juggernaut is beginning to Surge?

I was gonna say Dave is funnier, but when I hear the Mittster say $350,000 isn't a lot of money, it's pretty hard not to snork through the tears. Plus Gingrich has got the "Take my ex-wives...please!" shtick down.

Mitch ... well, that's been a while then ... if the re-visit ever happens, give us a call ... until then, y'all'll hafta do with my blurbs & other advertisin' to suffice as reminders of yer fond recollections of Nodak ... if y'all have any ...

oneblankspace -- WTD? I'm an alumnus, and they hasn't yet told me about that nom de moniker ... yeah, we went thru a bunch of NCAA-inspired micturitional challenges ... our education tax dollars @ werk ... sorta ...

At last we will see a juggernaut surging on live TV. The three-second delay better be working.

I suppose Andy Rooney's old spot is still open too.

Clankie, Dave would be perfect for Andy Rooney's old spot!

DAVE, You have YOUR OWN lift station? WOW!!!

(What exactly is a lift station? And while reading Dave's words usually gives me a lift, you mean I can
get a PHYSICAL Lift ALSO?)

Dave, you need to run for office. President or Czar, I'd vote for ya!!!!

Donald Trump will also be featured on Sunday -
no doubt Dave will be combing over his political records

funny man ... a "lift station" is a device used to raise a stink ...

Dave running for President? Brilliant!!

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

All those other master debaters are afraid of Dave. Sheiffer was there at the first election, Ogg vs. Ook for head caveman.

Dave looks just flush with pride.

another small step in the inevitable, throbing jugernaut of Dave's ascendance.

God help us, everyone.

The saying ‘Going to hell in a handbasket’ is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who uses such a phrase to characterize a poor state of affairs is a brainsick nutcase. The origin of this fragment goes back to the 1920s, according to several dictionaries. But in truth it makes very little sense, unless, one means, the world will be put in a handbasket or handcart or handbag and sent to hell, which too, doesn’t make much sense either. Who’s going to put the world in one of the above objects and send us all to hell?

Why not just say ‘Going to hell where you belong’. Although the alliteration, hell and handbasket, are not present in my fragment still it is more sensible and rational and makes sense. Plus it maneuvers itself away from evidence of a dumb down society or what I call ‘Parrot Syndrome’.

Wake up America. It’s time to put ignorance behind us.

Wesley McCants
Cincinnati Ohio

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