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January 25, 2012


Topless tobogganists crave national arena

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I'll be the judge of this!


She's (?) certainly well insulated.

Hey, er, I've got a national arena right over here.......

"We’re also some distance away from recognition as an Olympic sport"
That would do wonders for the ratings.

I'm not sure if they should hook up with the nude curling associations to create their own biathalon.

I'm sure that there would be many oogling interested interviewers pre, post and during the event for up close and personal interviews.

I couldn't find any delicate way to ask this, so I'll just come right out with it: In that photo, are those her nipples we're seeing? Because if they are, that's easily the darkest pair of nipples I've ever encountered(and I have a wife who gave birth to five children and whose ramparts underwent some crazy, crazy cosmetic changes through those pregnancies, let me tell you).

MikeyVA, I have a feeling there's plenty of oogling interested blog guys looking for up close and personal interviews right now.

*SMACKS* Scott for making me go back and look at the picture. And yes. That's what you're seeing in the photo.

Holy areola Bufflao Bob sledder!

Whut foto?

Actually, since the date is March 17th, I'm wonderin' if the proximity to Finland, and their National Day of rejoicing on St. Urho's Day (the 16th) has anythin' to do with the ... um ... "hangover" ... observed in the foto so closely examined by nursecindy ... (and others)

The word "pert" comes to mind. Must be Freudian in nature.

Scott, I'm pretty sure those are pasties. They are too dark and too perfectly circular to be anything else.

Wait, tobogganing, as in sledding? That sounds like a recipe for massive frostbite and hypothermia.

Ah, Laukvik... Where there's a nip in the air.

Does this blog support them with both hands?

I was skeptical, so I checked out the story.

It's true -- the tobaggans do not have tops.

Don't get excited. The headline-writer, as so often, got it tragically wrong. It's really about an anti-smoking landscaping organization that erected a fancy new port-a-potty: Tobacco-less Topiaries Create Natural Urinal

Them crazy Norskes!

Good one, Clankie.

Sledding at night,
With high beams bright,
It all seemed so right,
Until the frostbite.

Aw, Jeezely, Loud' ...

Now I got an earwurm ... variations on a theme ...

" ... frostbit titbits ... " and other such ...


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