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January 28, 2012


Man Withdraws Mouse From ATM Machine In Sweden

(Thanks to Jonathan Young and Ralph)


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It was a "message" from the swedish mafia. Or the International Money Fund.

Police are investigating.

You can get anything out of a vending machine in Europe now days!

My cat is very upset, he is sure he deposited that mouse with the bank last week and now they've gone and given it to someone else. Will the bank make good on my cat's mouse?

That's nothing. I unpacked a new computer and the box had a mouse in it.

...'isn't sure if the mouse survived'??!?!

poor little guy - he's no doubt suffering withdrawal symptoms


I wuz thinkin' it must've been interest he got becuz he's been rat-holing his money ...

Coulda been worse....coulda been one of those sammich vending machines...

"Ya want mouse turds or cat soup with that?"

Reminds me of the time in college when I picked up the plastic bag holding the bread. There was a little hole in it and when I looked closer, a mouse was in there looking back.
Mice must really like bread.

Better to have your assets in mouse futures than in low-interest monkey market funds.

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