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January 30, 2012


Women are better at parking than men, study says

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Study has obviously never ridden shotgun in a paralell-parking zone with a woman driver.

THis is total crap. Say "some women" are better parkers than "some men" and I'll agree with you. I saw a senior today take about fifteen minutes to park her Lexus sedan in a LARGE handicapped space in front of a restaurant. I passed her, went to the back lot and parked, came back and she was still at it. The only way she finally was able to park was a busboy at the restaurant came out and directed her over and over and over until she got into the spot.

My words of warning to him were "do NOT stand in front of her."

I never really thought that women were better parkers. In some cases maybe but usually I would say that men are better parkers.

OK ... I won't offer my usual rebuttal as to this premise, since it's in Britain ... however, since it's in Britain ... Erin go Bragh!!!!

I knew it! Actually I think age has more to do with it than gender. The one thing that really makes me mad is when someone takes up two spaces with their car. Usually this is done by a teenage boy so you don't necessarily have to be old to park poorly.

Nah, I disagree, n'cin' ... teenage boys (around here, @ least) are perty fair ... they've gotta practice parkin' fer when they finally get a girlfriend ...

The ones I see that take two (and sumtimes THREE) space are:

A. highfalutin' nouveau riche wannabes who don't want their car scratched, and think that the merchant owes 'em that much extra space becuz they haven't provided valet parkin' ...

B. Old people, as y'all mention ...

C. Them with no depth-perception skills, who need practice ...

D. Women ... usually ... unless it's sum sorta big-wheeled Super-Pickup (it's NOT a "truck", trust me on this) that hogs everythin' ... all the time ... and y'all need a stepladder to even get into the cab ...

I see poor parkin' skills every Sunday @ church, and more often in the Box Store parkin' lots, mostly, I think, becuz of A. above ...

Some women park better than others. Few can park like THIS.

On this rare occasion I will let the inner sexist pig I keep hidden 99% of the time speak.
He says there ain't a chance in hell.

wing, your inner sexist pig ain't never seen ME parallel park. I'm the best there is.

My parking skills are at their best on moonlit nights on country lanes, as some ladies will attest...

Better at parking cruise ships, at least...

It's no wonder. Those British women are apparently parking in a whole "bay". Shoot, you could put an oil tanker in there.
I just got a new Hyundai Accent that is so small that it can hide behind virtually any car in the lot and certain light poles.
I lose it a LOT, but you can park it anywhere.
Even my wife says so.

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