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January 31, 2012


Long lines for 'sexual chocolate' beer

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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The line was short for those of us who camped out...

Good marketing tool for a name for beer

Usually it's sequential, but, well, why not?

Another link that shuts down MS/IE (locally, at least) ... so ... can't view it ...

... but it doesn't sound very appetizin' ... chocolate & beer is not a combination high on my list of savory ... merely sayin' ...

Did I just hear Ms. Professional Newsperson say "EXpresso?"

Layz' ... p'haps it wuz merely an ESSpression of the vernacular speech patterns?

No way I'm watching any video with that billing.

Sexual Chocolate opened for...wait, I think I'm confusing them with "Hot Chocolate"...

Pliny the Elder in there looked nice and toasty.

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