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January 30, 2012


Future Male Birth Control May Zap Sperm with Sound Waves

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Bill Hudgins, who says "This has to involve Barry Manilow somehow.")


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Din't appear to werk back in '69 @ the "Zip to Zap" ... at least there wuzn't any major decline in the birth rate amongst them attendin' the festivities and National Guard efforts to control the mob ... and the "sound waves" frum the music wuz perty loud ... and for more than 15 seconds ...

Sounds too much like a gentle kick in the groin for me.
I'll stick with Dr. Snip-it. 16 years of proven results.

Two 15-minute tickles could be the future of male birth control.

I'm not buying it. I seem to recall that two 15 minute tickles are what ultimately led to the birth of my two children.

wingnut, you wouldn't use this, but you would let someone cut it open?

If that doesn't work, nagging will.

...Two 15-minute tickles could be the future of male birth control...

I thought that made you go blind or something.

This may sting a little. bzzzzzzzttttttttt! Actually they've been breaking kidney stones up this way for years.

Well there you go: that's why the aliens took Fran Dresher.

Sound can create or destroy or simply annoy.

Case in point: Ms. Dresher.

"Semiferious Tubules" opened for "Nasty Secretions" in 97.

When they get this down to a simple gate you walk through, I'll invest. Imagine if you had to transit something like that to get into, say, a Ted Nugent concert -- it might be the saving of the country, fifteen or twenty years down the road.

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