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January 11, 2012


Susie Essman did a fantastic job tonight of interviewing Alan Zweibel and me at the Union Square Barnes and Noble. Here we are relaxing in a totally unrehearsed pose afterward. Thanks to all who came out.



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Sorry I missed it Dave but I was busy reading the book, which is pretty funny so far.

What a great picture! Did Dave and Alan Zweibel exchange shirts again? I've heard the book is wonderful and I'll be buying a copy of it tomorrow. I wish I had it now since, for some odd reason, we're having a series of tornadoes going through my area this evening. It would definitely get my mind off the weather.

You all certainly look so natural. BTW, they said the same thing about my grandmother at her funeral.

btw, Alan Zweibel is on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight.

Very nice picture.

Way cool.

Nice blue sweater, Dave.

Mr. Zeribel looks relaxed.

Aside from Susie Essman not swearing nearly enough, it was a terrificly fun evening. Got the book and looking forward to reading it.

Alan Zweibel wrote a book?

Would have absolutely loved being there, but couldn't. And, alas, now I see I could have gotten both Dave's and Alan's book and my 2012 Doomsday Calendar autographed.

*Makes early morning grumpy face*

Glad you represented the blog, Lairbo, for those of us unable to make it. The book is a lot of fun so far.

I hope Dave remembered where he was and didn't do the agriculture jokes.

It was great to see and say hi to Dave again (as always), and I tried to do the blog proud (don't believe everything you read on Page Six). Mtb, as soon as Borders gets back to me about scheduling a book signing, I'll let you know.

December 22, I suppose .....

*snork* @ Mtb.

OK, now Alan's not wearing Dave's blue shirt anymore, and Dave has it back on.

I do NOT want to know what goes on on these "book tours."

come on up to albany dave and alan - we have great bookstores!! and a lotta readers here!

I hope Susie yelled at Dave the way she does to Larry and Jeff.

Someday Dave must put all the exciting, funny and even secret stuff that goes on in his book tours
into a new book!

Also, if you are bored activity challenged,
do a google or yahoo image search on Dave Barry look-alike.

You will find no one who looks like Dave Barry.
Just saying....

Update and correction:

I did find ONE....it was/is Sam Barry, brother of you-know-who.

"Thanks to all who came out."

Do people usually come out at your book events? Seems like kind of an unrelated venue, but what do I know?

Blue shirt, blue sweater, blue blazer... We have a Trifecta!

Alan Zweibel was terrific on Letterman. I would like to say to Mr. Zweibel that I'm sure Roger Ebert didn't really mean that he hated your movie "North". Maybe he was just having a bad day. Have you thought about setting him up for lunch with Penny Banks?
Lairbo, any pictures?

A whole freaking day and NO ONE asked where their other hands are??? You guys are slacking.

Diva, I just assumed that Dave and Alan were holding hands behind Susie Essman's back. NTTAWWT.

Considering the previous photo, you may well be right.

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