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January 30, 2012


Here's me on Morning Joe this morning in Miami Beach. (There's a commercial first.)


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Darn - I wish I knew you were on, Dave.

You look fabulous. The hair is perfect as always.

Joe Scarborough doesn't talk enough. He should really come out of his shell and quit letting his guests hog the show.

Miami Vice is almost quaint, in a pre-Kardashian kind of way.

Oh Yeah?

Can we vote for the homeless shark salesmen?

Great interview! Since it was filmed at 6:30 a.m. is it safe to assume somebody went back to bed when they got home?

Good point, Just Some Guy. The man has guests on the show and keeps cutting them off to make his own - often idiotic - points.

I don't watch shows whose sole purpose are to be giant coffee commercials. Tea maybe. But I have standards!

Same here, Elon. And no, sports isn't just giant beer commercials, despite what Mrs. Mazar says.

When I watched it originally it was followed by Dave and 2 others with Bob Shieffer but I can't find that now. Can we expect to see Dave next Sunday on Face the Nation? The Mclaughlin Group? The Super Bowl pregame show?

The next Republican debate in Florida?

Wing, the link is still there albeit "cleverly disguised." Try "clicking around" on yesterdays' posts by Dave. You will most likely find it.

Dave, excellent presentation. Although I think it was too noisy and too much of the bad kinda Joe, whom I agree with Just Some Guy and Jeff. What is the point of doing a "live" segment (don't cocaine users "use"
that term) if its so noisy you can barely hear your guests?

Beyond that I hope they treated you well, and treated you to breakfast etc...

next week - bill moyers.

I think I can safely say that if we had sharks here in Minneapolis, there would be people taking them on the bus, and they would all have plaid hats, mittens and puffy down coats and talk like Garrison Keillor.

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