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January 09, 2012


Some of you seem to have misunderstood the policy. Let us reiterate: We are too classy ever to blog stories like this one.

(Thanks anyway to Joe in Japan and Peter Metrinko)


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. . . And the entirety of next season's "Beavis & Butthead" has already been written.

i'll bet the boys at some of those local high schools have created some great fight songs with those names. go, middlefart!

Yes, this is a classy-arsed blog, by Fjuckby!

mud, I happen to be a big fan of the Deep Arse Lake Plungers. Go brown & gold!

by fjuckby, you all are right!


I sorta think this tendency to apply nomenclaturalness in a sumwhut derogatory or commentative manner crossed the pond with immigrants (regardless of their country of origin) ... tho I'd also suggest that (particularly) sports rivals frum other towns are the quickest to attach insulting connotations to others ... Marfa, TX is one I've heard ... rivals would shout (so I've been informed) "Marfa Dites, Marfa Dites, RAH, RAH, RAH!" ... which would lead to sum classic encounters behind the grandstand ... ah ... humor (?) ... ain't it fun?

the Swedes must have a "collective bottom" fetish...
since so many places refer to the arse...

Obviously, not names real estate developers would prefer to see on sales brochures.

I wonder if it takes two hands to find all their arses?

The USA has an official armpit. Just ask Gene, he selected it.

I'm not sure some of those town's names and the phrase 'dig deeper' should ever be in the same story.

Thanks for the policy reminder, judi. You spared me the embarassment of sending a link to HERE.

Thank goodness you weren't embarrassed Meanie. btw, there's a pill for that now.

Prefer the cream, but that's probably too much info.

I always thought the team mascot at Forney High School in Texas should have been the gators. just sayin'

Like the teams that used to play in Macon, Georgia?

The Trax and the Whoopee

Have you looked at Canada? There's even a song about all their silly place names: http://www.arrogantworms.com/music/a-night-on-dildo/



How about Norfolk High School?

We don't smoke, We don't chew,
Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk.

I useta play a werd game with Moi Ownself, usin' the town/place name (limited to Nodak, so far) and an imaginary sports mascot ... still do, once in a while ...

Daughter #1 came up with Beach "Blankets" to start it off, about 25 years ago ...

A couple of my favorites were: Orrin "Otherwords" and Overly "Enthusiastic" ... tho sum friends thot Perth "Thtringth" wuz evidence of my "genius" ...

Meanie, Could that be because of the application process?

*Cla--- er, applauds for Mikey*

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