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January 31, 2012


Going topless for Sears.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Dave's up early this morning. You covering the election?

You mean "stay Klassy" don't you Dave?

Oops - I retract that. Too early to see Dave is already on top of the boobs, so to speak.

Haven't had my wake up coffee yet.

Anyway, the girls fit right in with the previous "boob" entry.

i'm sure it's been noted that the jeans are tighter than bruce jenner's face

Is that even possible?

Silicone not included.

Kim has clearly become the Dolly Parton of her generation. She might think about letting just a little bit out of those things before they burst. On the other hand, in case of a water landing I'm betting they could be used as a flotation device.

... yeah, wing' ... a flotation device fer an Abrams tank ...

(Nah ... not really ... it's the best I could think of this early in the a.m. ... goin' back fer more coffee ... )

OK ... got my heart started with 2nd cuppa coffee ...

UM ... to use the vernacular of another age ...

Advertisin' that uses endorsers such as these, who are objectionable (to Moi Ownself) in their behavior patterns cause me to think I'd rather be nibbled to death by a Muscovy duck, than shop @ Sears ... (or Kame-Apart, where they have a convicted felon as an icon) ...

Of course S/K din't have a major share of my disposable income in the first place, so why would they care about my perception of their image? (Rhetoricalness again ... sorry it's not amusin' ...)

Ok - another acronym: WGARA? Meaning, "Who Gives A Rat's A$$?"

You know, when I first heard about Kardashians, I thought it had something to do with Star Trek. Seriously.

Not clicking. Cindy warned me about Jeff's link.

Didja hear about the guy whose wife sent him to Cox's to buy a seersucker suit? He went to Sears instead.

Yes I did Elon. I'm still trying to get the images out of my head.

In typical Kardashian lack-of-style, I can't help but notice their pants are already half off.....

Or, as Kardashian's mother asked one of them: "Did you hoard all this money by yourself?" To which she replied "No, each of my sisters whored a third of it."

Good one PirateBoy.

Once a year I get lucky, NC ;)

Wish I'd get lucky that often, P'B' ...

yes, pirateboy
they all whored the media

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