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January 24, 2012


We're Number Two.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ha! I wipe my @ss on Miami.

Salt Lake City came in at #20 on the list. I found SLC to be very friendly until I asked about bigamy, holy underwear and where I'd find the best cup of coffee.

Is that #2 with a bullet, or
#2 with a finger?...

New York is definitely #1 with a finger, Allen.

they don't call 'em 'Native New Yorkers' for nothing

(*so proud NOT to be a 'native'*)

HEY!(?) I (sorta) sent this in a few days ago ... really ... well, not actually ... I posted it on another thread as O/T, mostly becuz I din't wanna bother BSJ with it, & figgered sumbuddy else would ... I ALSO included reference that the WORST (not "wurst") DRIVERS IN THE USofA ARE ... #1!!! IN MIAMI!!!

If I wuz worried enuf about it, I could go find where I posted it ... but I'm not ... WTG, Jeff! (& tnx for cleanin' up (!) after Moi Ownself's unfinished chores ...)

Huh. Miami's also way down on the list for intelligence and safety (and, surprise surprise, last place in driving ability: http://www.travelandleisure.com/americas-favorite-cities/2011/city/miami ).

Still, it's a lot better than Orlando:

"You can't take it personally. If you do, then you start getting rude."

But isn't that the point?

I am sure Miami can keep the position, because They "ain't changing New Yoik for anybody Fogetabbowtit." I think that's been the motto of several mayors, but I'll ask Jeff to verify that.

PS I love New York, and Queens also. Love to visit and the energy! But you'd have to pay me six figures annually to live there....(NTTAWWI).

We're pretty nice here in the Charlotte area. For instance if we accidentally shoot you we always make sure to apologize later. Now, get off our lawn.

We's even politer here in Nodak, n'cin' ... we apologize prior to firearm usageness ...

"I'm sorry to trubble y'all, but if y'all don't get off my lawn, I'll hafta shoot y'all ... several times ..."

No excuse for DC being #3. It's way smaller than any other until you get to Baltimore, and most people are not out of work.

Did I miss New Orleans?
My experience is a little out of date, as I am.
But when I was there, I believed it was dangerous to be that rude in the South.

I can't get the link to work. Every time I click on it, I get a message that says, "Error-invalid status."

Minx ... it's a travel outfit's summation of the rudest cities in the USofA ... Miami moved up to "#2" on the list ...

Minx, check your email. I sent you another link. Am I mistaken or is O the U complaining because he sent something in before Jeff?

No, n'cin' ... I am NOT "complaining" ... merely sayin' that I saw this info earlier (late last week?) and made an O/T comment about it in sum other thread ... I did NOT "send it in" ... becuz I fergot how ... and besides which already, I don't usually (like, nearly never) chase the "posted submission" rabbit ... I had my thrill way back a long time ago, when Dave actually made Moi Ownself the subject of the thread ... (I still get the clammydamps when I remember how much fun that wuz, meetin' him & lettin' him know I own a 7-gallon Hi-Flo toilet ... )

Damn! Miami beat out Boston again!

Only #2?

#2 sez a LOT, Suzy Q ... IYKWIM ... AITYD ...

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