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January 29, 2012


NJ camel predicts Giants will win the Super Bowl

(Thanks to funny man)


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I get all my sports tips from a raccoon.

I only trust the octopus.

Would you walk a mile for that Camel?

What happened to cross-eyed possum, Heidi?
Apparently this...

But, this just in...

Sasha says so. I'm conned convinced.

Paul is dead.

Just sayin...

Meh. I get all my sports new from the goat.

My Pet Rock refuses to speak on this issue.

It'd prolly disturb folks if I reminded 'em that usually events are predicted by the use of entrails ... so I won't say that ... & they can remain calm ...

i'm late to the party,
but the cbs link took me to the 'Face the Nation' clip w/ dave - lol!

...and his hair was perfect

Which end of the camel do we consult about the Vikings ?

Thank goodness for Dave. No one else gives us the real news, like Newt robbing a liquor store when he was Speaker of the House.

Here's the camel story.

WHo knew hat Dave was a syndicated communist?

After long thought, I've come to the conclusion that there are certain characteristics that lead one to a propensity to be a Dave Barry fan.
These personality traits are...

After deep and careful consideration of the facts, I would tend to agree with Steve that there are, indeed, certain personality traits that....


So, I am not sure exactly what that is suppose to mean.

Did he pick Madonna as well?

Did he pick his nose?

(Boogers can foretell one's fortune, if one merely knows how to interpret 'em ...)

That camel knows football! He's 5 for 6, which gives me more faith in his prediction than the odds-makers in Vegas (Who continue to favor the team which will loser, Gnu England).

If the Giants lose will the camel show his privates?

The care of Large animals like camels and horses often involves a scoop.

The care of Large animals like camels and horses often involves a scoop.

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