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January 31, 2012


The girl who can pronounce words backwards.

(Thanks to Eht Strep)


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I hope she uses her power for good instead of evil

She's a ekaf. How do we know she didn't record in reverse.

woW! evisserpmI! btw, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to spell impressive correctly.

I can get about as far as wow and mom...

Noon ... pop ... dad ... radar ... antidisestablishmentarianism ...


It's COMMON ... every third-grader learnt how to say it, becuz they thot it wuz the longest werd in the yranoitcid ...

waaaay more talented than any naihsadraK

Having lived there for ten not-so-glorious years, I can aver, attest and confirm that amohalkO and sdrawcab go very well together.

So no surprise ereh.

♩ ♪Amohalko erehw eht dniw seog gnihsur nwod eht snailp ♫ ♬

wow wolfsong - if your g was silent (like gnewt-there-are-too-many-GEES-in-his-name-gingrich) you'd be a gnosflow.


Redrum Redrum Shut up, Danny.

Has anybody else noticed that when you quickly look at the backwards Washington it almost looks like "nothing saw"? In fact, Washington does anagram to "saw nothing."

aw, she's a cutie.

OK ... and I'm thinkin' bilg lrig is a fair description of her talent ...


Why did I know she was a fellow Okie?

Actually lil, Wolfsong is pronounced "Smith". So pretty much all the letters are silent, 'cept the ones that aren't there.

She could be expelled if she made an off the "cuff" remark while in class...

(Yeah, try it yourself, I can wait...)

P'B' ... is that a "hard" C or a "soft" C ... ?

Actually, considerin' the limitations of PypeTad, I think it's a cedilla ... eh?

Future airport, bus and Grand Central Station announcer.

btw - i <3 the name 'wolfsong'

(i never was very good at making names here)

When my son was pre-kindergarden and learned to write his name he would occsasionally write it backwards, a perfect mirror image.He had to make a concerted effort not to. I said then as soon as redruM showed up on a mirror I was out of there.

Southpaws -- them whut write left-handed -- are not only fun to watch, but they adapt to "mirror-image" writin' better than them of us whut're ambidextrally as clumsy with either hand ... merely observin' ... Leonardo da Vinci is p'haps the classic example of this trait ...

I was really excited to go over every lines of your review. Superb work! Can't wait to read more of your blogs. Keep it up!


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