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January 27, 2012


The body of a Clearwater grandmother has been taken from a storage unit where the family supposedly stored her body in a coffin since 1995.

(Thanks to B'game and Ralph)


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Wiredog --
I'm pretty sure you'd have to have some kind of permit and the coffin would have to be in season.

Other than that, as long as proper range safety protocols are observed I have no problem with hunting coffins. Doesn't seem like much of a sport, though.

Any body home?

This remains a mystery to me.

Meanie, it's tooo early for us West-Coasters. Let me rest in peace, er I mean sleep in.

What's the problem? Above-ground burial was common in Florida for much of its history.
And as for the rental, in many states, you don't own your burial plot. You think you do. But after, for example, 99 years the plot can be sold to someone else.
The reasoning is that 99 years after you buy the farm, no one will remember you and someone else might need to take up farming.
I do wonder if this was a DIY burial. If not, where did the mortuary think the coffin was going?

Amazing how that came about. Whatever happened to potters field?

Theresa --
It depends on the location and the era. In Illinois the funding gets cut to new lows every once in awhile and you end up with sad situations. Sometimes people are too rich to be helped but too poor to afford a grave.

Possible they'll be charged with "improper disposal of a body" ... ?


They din't DISPOSE of granny ... they wuz savin' her for a better time ...

(Yeah, sad that sum folks get charged the equivalent of a year's net earnings, merely to say farewell to their loved ones ...)

O --
That's why I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered over a large outdoor food event.

*Note to self: No more picnics in the park, unless a large umbrella is brang along ... *

Storage units are the new high school lockers.

Send her to the Lastel! Wait, they sorta did, didn't they?

What they don't tell is they found granny's body but no mention of her kicking and screaming when she was put in there?????

Gives new meaning to the term "dead storage."

this could make Storage Wars real interesting. maybe Dave will go to Fl to buy this one!
and this article was MADE for this blog!

Pretty sure the cemetery would be cheaper? No? And I agree with queensbee, that'd make Storage Wars REALLY interesting!

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