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January 27, 2012


Scientists create 'invisible' object

(Thanks to The Perts)


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i sore it. its under my bed. oh wait. dustbunny.

Can't believe the editor buried the more important part of the story: "Correction at 9:15 a.m: Andrea Alu's gender has been corrected."

How can they tell?

how 'bout working on liberty & justice for all?

Honey, does this cloak make my butt look visible?

The Chinese are getting plenty impatient waiting for us to finish so they can have it.

ligirl, cloaking is more fun, and easier to do.

Big deal. I made one ten years ago.
But I've, uh, misplaced it.
Can't find it anywhere.

I saw A friend told me that Plasmonic Material opened for The Plastic Ono Band...

I thought the Plasmonics were a Motown group in the 60s. Don't recall seeing them either.

Yeah, right!

Next, them "scientist"-type-gender guys (& gals) will be tellin' us the "moon landing" wuzn't filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood ...

Which will only lead to "invisible" garbage....

Watch were you sit or step or trip...

Not all scientists are as sharp as a tack...

Sum are similarly flat-headed tho ...

It's much more useful with the Marauder's Map.

Big deal. Politicians have been doing this to their brains for years.

I had an invisible girlfriend once. She got run over by a bus, the driver did not see her.

Eh, I tried to create an invisible project as a joke for a college physics class once. Didn't work, my professor could see right through it.

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