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January 09, 2012


Magpies and bears mourn North Korea's "Dear Leader"

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Only you can prevent forest fires, but only he could make my heart burn.

My love for him was sweeter that honey.

His eyes were the shiniest trinkets my heart ever saw.


>> a family of bears who usually hibernate through the fierce Korean winter had been seen lamenting Kim Jong-il's death.<<

He ate baby bear's porridge... ?

Hey, if i'm wrong tell me, but aren't magpies simply another name for crows?

If thats true, then in my neighborhood we have some unwelcome and hellishly noisy "magpies" who hate silence and must be praising Kim Jong Il nonstop.

Which is why anti-crow canons were invented, and
not, as you might suppose, to honour or mourn the
"dear leader."

Why are magpies and bears mourning him if he was the Deer Leader?

funny man, magpies and crows are both corvids. But "crow"
and "raven" are a term for the those in genus "corvus" and magpies are in "pica" and "urocissa". Crows live all over the place. Magpies are Eurasian birds.

Besides, the birds out here were happy Kim is dead. I heard them crow about it.

We prefer to go the other way.
My oldest daughter made me a mirror-ornament for my car.
It was a medal of St. Stephen from the Mission de Nombre de Dios, a place I love.
She made it because the Saint was a, well, saint, a Catholic Christian, and he had my name.
She said it was wrong on so many levels I had to get the joke.
It's been there through three cars.

I hear the squirrels are upset too.

Well why not? They probably miss their favorite nut.

If a flock of birds landed on Dear Leaders statue, one might have to clean up said statue later, iykwIm.

At least they have Brilliant Comrade now.

That bird in the picture isn't a magpie. It's a European crow. There's probably a French joke in here somewhere.

I think you are right. That is a Hooded Crow.

Anything like a hooded pecker?

has been dubbed the "genius of geniuses" in military affairs despite having no known military experience.

Huh. I happen to know one Super Genius who would disagree ...

Thank you Nurse Cindy for posting the picture of the rheumy-eyed squirrel. It made me tear-up too. (also I've been looking for an opportunity to use the word 'rheumy' for a long time)

How come it's just the magpies and bears? Hmm? Where are the cranes, the carp, the eels, the crickets and the beetles?

I hereby declare them Enemies of the State and sentence them to be fed to the army.

Oh wait. Never mind.

Jr. is clearly a military genius-- he's holding the rifle in such a manner as to not shoot himself.

The worms that crawl in and the worms that crawl out...are happy the Dear Luncheon is dead.

I saw Magpies and Bears open for Counting Crows. I think it was the halftime show at the Seahawks-Ravens game. (...or was it Eagles-Cardinals?)

Dan S., funny you should mention that, because I saw the Cardinals open for Counting Crows at halftime at a Bears/Magpies game. The Cardinals couldn't carry a tune any better than the 'Pies carried the ball.

So that is what those long-eared rats aka rabbitts are doing - mourning the Dear Leader? We call it fouling our yards, sidewalks, etc. Fitting.

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