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January 30, 2012


The 41-year-old clergyman had told parishioners earlier this month that he was going on a “spiritual retreat” for a couple of weeks to reflect on his vows, as well as meditate and pray.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sorta wonderin' if this Priest wuz wearin' a St. Christopher medal ... merely ... wonderin' about Life Its Ownself ...

hhaaa. as Maude used to say: G-d'll get ya for that...

Nearer my God to thee, indeed.

Whatever his intentions, I'm betting it ended up being extremely spiritual. The prayers probably had a level of urgency his parishoners don't get to see.

I've seen lots of older gentlemen with their "nieces" in Las Vegas casinos.

Yeah, poker, that was my first thought, too, considering the truthfulness of the explanation for the absence. But she calls him Uncle Massimo, so it must be OK, right?

That's not fair. Priests probably need to get away from it all as much as the next guy. As least on a boat he wouldn't have whiny people calling him at all hours of the night. What's wrong with taking a family vacation? It's not like they found him in Vegas or a strip club.

Didn't work for Jonah, either.

Busted in this life AND the next.

So true Elon. My Priest puts up with a lot of whining, b!tching,and moaning. And that's just from me.

That's OK. The local priest puts up with a lot of WBM from me and I'm a Protestant.

nc & NMUA: pier pressure?

I agree that a family vacation can very well be a spiritual retreat. Clergypeople need down time, too. What a terrible way to spend your time off, though.

He was hoping to get laid "spirited" as he
contemplated the human condition, especially the female condition.

God works in wonderous ways. Who's to say a cruise isn't divine? However, if it sinks...it might be
the other guy's (Satan's) plaything. Or so I hear...

So what was the last thing the captain said?


I read the headline and immediately thought, "Hiking the Appalachian Trail," but this is somehow better.

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