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January 26, 2012


Toronto teens send Lego man high into the sky

Video here.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad "
Don't tell Newt, he'll start talking about nuking Canada.

Toronto? Mebbe they wuz gonna have Lego-man search for that cat in the cockpit?

HOWever ... story sez, that he's "holding a Maple Leaf" ...

No ... he's holdin' (?) a FLAG, with a PICTURE/ARTIST'S DEPICTION of a "Maple Leaf" ...

Journalese shorthand? Or do I hafta go back to my tapes to study Canadian Language Skills with Doug and Bob McKenzie?

"Ground control to Major Lego,
Ground control to Major Lego,
WHy do you look so stiff
as you float among the clouds,
Put your cheap flag in the eye in the sky,
and hope when you crash land the camera doesn't die.."

With apologies to D.Bowie...

One small step for a plastic man
One giant bong hit for a pair of teenagers

Just after that balloon burst, you can see him dropping some Lego blocks.

Can I have a jacket, or at least a pair of pants? It's cold up there, and I have plastic bits!


p.s. Eh?

similar to physics pioneer Dave Barry who used a Potato Gun to launch Olympic Barbie high into the air over Biscayne Bay. Long live Science!

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