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January 24, 2012


Is our sign painters learning?


(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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You can't spell shcool without cool.

Shcools out for summer...

what is a x-ng shcool?

"We don't need no educasion" --the Pink Floyd song "Another Brick in the Wall"


'if i can Make it their...'

I figured it out!! It's "shcool, baby!"

Imagine someone from Brooklyn saying this:
"Like, wow that breeze is sure shcool!"

"That clown-red nose sure makes you look shcool!"

But one city worker, who didn’t want to be identified, put the blame on nearby school officials.
“Regardless of who painted it, someone from the school should have been outside supervising, or noticed it by now,” the city worker said.

Admittedly I am not a certified painter or maintenance worker (ahem), but I would think that they would have a work order that says something along the lines of,
"Paint street with #1 Reflective White in block letters 4 feet tall with this word: SCHOOL"
.. right? I agree that a non-dyslexic supervisor should have signed off on the job once it was completed, but to say that a "school official" needed to stand out there while the City's maintenance worker was applying the paint .. no way.

X-NG is the same as F**KING -- the streets in NYC won't let you post actual obscenities. (I've tried.)

...& when dave's play opens we're gonna Paint the Town Read!

Dave wrote a play?

Google "shcool" and click on images. Apparently this has happened in multiple cities.

ligirl, that is actually an idea that should become a reality.

What say you , bloglits?

That'd be shcool, MBt ...

& I think the person travelin' from most remotest region (not necessarily "furtherest away" -- thinkin' Nodak is perty remote, hint, hint) shcould be awarded free ayr-fair & get comped on rumor/bored ...

Can I please borrow someone's OUthe-to-English dictionary?

English? Whut English?

Merely havin' fun with dylexicalness, Meanie ... and, yeah, I know there's an entire horde of folks who are eagerly anticipatin' the day when I go back to werk ...

Mebbe as soon as April ...

I can misravel the dyslexitude and the colloquialinocity, O, but I've learned the hard way that when the subject boils down to matters of remunerativeliness, I want the factually unobfuscated matter and nothing but the factually unobfuscated matter.

Can I borrow some one's Meanie the Blue to English dictionary?

I can disenfranchise Meanie's loquacial versimilitude for you, cindy, I just have to dislocate my thesaural annalicity.

OK, now y'all are bein' RIDICULOUS!

I like that in a blog ...

(Y'all have learnt well, Grasshoppers ...)

That's funny. Sh + cool. I really think their brain was stuck on something cool and it just came out that way.

I smell a rat.
Well, I smell more than that but Stewie is sitting next to me.
Did anyone notice the the paint job seems less than perfect? Like someone wasn't even using a stencil?
Maybe this was a totally amateur job?

Amateur? Steve, Steve, Steve ... y'all're speakin' of New York's Finest ... um ... City Employees ... um ... like ... street cleaners ... garbage persons ... um ...

Nevermind ...

Padraig, you may want to take some Tylenol and lay down after you do that.

MOTW & others: I saw this on the local news tonight. It was not city workers, maintenance or others, who did this, but a privately contracted group paid for by Con Ed who f&*ked it up.

Whether the school administrators, teachers & student should have noticed...the short answer is, they did, but since this is New York they probably just shrugged and laughed and moved on to the next thing, like opossums on the subway.

Anyway, after a year and a half or so, getting the story on the news finally got it repainted correctly.

This is waht i epxect form a uonin gevormnet wroker.

The infamous NYC Blackout ... workers who can't spell ...

Con Ed is, at the very least, consistent in their unreliability ... merely sayin' ...

...picturing opossums laughing and shrugging their shoulders on the subway...

It was a beautiful summer day, and Flopsy and Tippin set off to pick strawbwrries, happy as opossums on a subway.

During my senior year at a public high school, someone creatively vandalized the sign of the catholic high school in my hometown. So




The new sign says St. Francis High School.

I'm X-ing

Sh....(it's) cool.

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