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January 09, 2012



Just sharing. Sorry if it wasn't clear -- though there WILL be a quiz on book titles later this week -- and thanks to wiredog for 'splaining ;)
Here are a couple of other Mama-and-baby photos from the lovely lunch spot behind the Herald building...




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I give up....came the.......?


First name: Naked. Last name: Came.

From Wired:
"Dave" used to be a very common name for boys, until it became a term for an unspeakable sex act involving live eels.

Judi, thanks for sharing those pictures. They're so sweet looking.

sweet, yeah, but hard to fathom these were the things sailors believed were mermaids.

Did scurvy affect their eyesight? Have any of these ever been photographed on a people mover?

Dave lets you eat lunch? Oh, I forgot, he's out of town.....

We all know that Dave will now post something horrifying to neutralize the sweetness!

Made me cry. I miss Miami, the Atlantic and sea cows.

Coconuts, of course Dave let's Judi eat lunch! How else is she going to have time to get his lunch, pick up his dry cleaning, get his tires rotated, the oil changed on the car etc.

Those sailors had been at sea a loooong time.
Nevertheless, manatees are beautiful.

Naked Came the Manatee! And I own it!

Steve, you hit the nail on the head. Long enough at sea and even the old one legged ship's cook started looking like a Victoria's secret model. That is why the old cooks were so cranky.

Do they hold night time rallies? I seem to remember something about Bonfire of the Manatees.... Or maybe not.

Awwww. A picture of momma and baby.

It wasn't scurvy, Cindy. Or their eyes, either. I think it more likely that after going without seeing a woman for a year, it was something else that jumped up at the sight of a manatee.

Actually I suspect the "Sailors think manatee is a mermaid" canard was more the kind of thing sailors said to mock the guys on other ships. I have my doubts that mistaking one for the other was all that common.

What a cool picture. Even if it doesn't involve naked men.

That's not nekkid, Guin ... strategic hair placement has negated any wardrobe malfunctionisicalness ... merely sayin' ...

Well ... jacket ... so much hirsuticalization there I got confused ... mebbe it's a Mohair coat?

Nice picture Guin. Thanks!

OK, I may be learning. I didn't click on Guin's link.
You can fool me again, tomorrow. For tonight, I celebrate.

If it's nursing a baby, isn't it a womanatee?

Steve: No Manilows were harmed during the above-referenced linkage.

OK, I looked. It didn't do much for me but at least I'm not brain damaged.

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