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January 27, 2012


We're guessing he's single.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Hair ring? Yeah, I'd have to be really pickled to wear that....

And I thought I was certifiable.

You forgot to scrub wash shave
all of the above!!!

Looks like a nekkid Ewok!!! (Close your eyes, Myrtle!)

Looks like my dog after he drinks ouit of the toilet.

No actually my dog is better looking and he has a more intelligent face.

Do some of these people look in the mirror and say, "How can I look as stupid as possible?" There is a fine line between 'edgy' and 'insane'. I think he's crossed it.

The new horse collar look.

looks like one of those 'sensor rings' the coneheads used to toss around

0< ;-)

I got nuthin' ... y'all've already said it all ...

Oh boy gee isn't he cute. Har! (what a look) He must see something else in the mirror when he looks.

When he gets drunk, you have pickled hair ring.

If you have a pretty warped imagination, it kinda looks like it's he's emerging into the world for the first time face (?) first........

Well done, Ralph. Someone had to do it.

EXcellent, Ralph! Tnx fer that!

I know a zero when I see one.

Is he in a newspaper box? Or are my eyes just that bad, especially after viewing the Bishop's diseased bits?

I want to hear his mom explain why he looks like that.

When he gets drunk, he forms a Mobius Strip.

All hail King Ralph.
Wait, where have I heard that before?

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