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January 28, 2012


Hudson man awoken by gunfire calls 911; deputies storm home, find shootout on TV

(Thanks to Rick Day)



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The temptation for an accidental discharge of a service revolver must have been almost more than the officers could bear.
No jury in the land would have convicted.

He should be forbidden from watching Fear Factor.

O/T The whole "awoken" thing bothers me, too. I'm aware that things change and become acceptable, but I was taught "awakened". Who can we taser for this "woken/awokened" trend?

Girlogic ... Everyone who claims to be a "professional journalist" yet abuses proper usageness in ways similar to this ...

Of course Dave would be exempt, becuz he knows the rules and merely laughs at 'em ...

he must've been Home Alone

After he was awokened and had arosen from his bed, he called police? I'm sure the police were extremely professional in front of him.

I fell asleep with the cooking channel on.
When I awokened I sent the meal back because it was cold

I saw Fictitious Shooting open for Run-DMC.

I once proofread for a local newspaper. I got in a *lot* of trouble (as measured in decibels) with a ad exec for being snarky about how people who can't spell make it through college. She apparently was one of them. It's fun to see all their mistakes broadcast to the world since we have the internet to announce instant unproofed news.....

People who can't spell, yet would have the world consider their ownselfs as "wise" or "learned" or even "smart" ... yet display their indifference thru their ignoramousocityismness ... deserve to have snarks tossed at 'em ...

I wonder who he thought was having a shoot out in his living room? Did he surmise that two gangs of ruthless gunmen had chosen his domicile as a convenient location for a shoot out? What happened to critical thinking skills?

No, that's wrong. It's "Thunking".

There's the Evil Twin, branging such silliness into the conversation ...

I hafta apologize fer the egregious doofusheadedness in the above post. I should've said, "Mr. Evil Twin had branged such silliness into the discussion."

Meanwhile, why did the deputies storm home? Were they offended by poor spelling or something?

Give the poor headline writer a break, he (she) works for TV news and TV people have a special type of spelling so that newscasters can produce vocalizations that the viewers can understand. Note that there is a theory that some newscasters are intelligent enough to have language, it may be true but as far as I can tell from having observed many newscasters they do not associate the vocalizations they have been trained to produce in response to visual stimuli with the real world.

Wait...What did the Gunshots have to do with the Pirates festival? Or were they talking about the baseball team?

(Excuse me, I just "awokened". That you for being so
perfumed perfessional.)

Guess the State!

Does anyone else think it's ironic that O the U is correcting someone else's grammar? NTTAWWT.

I await good spelling with baited breath. Preferably pizza.

Not ironical, n'cin' ... satirical ... merely sayin' ...

1. My parents lived in Hudson.

2. I've done this exact thing before. I thought it was someone screaming in the street outside. Turned out to be my roommate watching TV in the living room. I figured it out within moments of putting the phone back down but was too embarrassed to call back. The cops went to my neighbor's house instead of mine. I was also too embarrassed to confess to my neighbors. ><

Network TV...Violence and mayham....

I'd rather have violins and smoked ham.... but thats
just me.

(My TV watching is down this fall/winter and I expect it to eventually him zero or very near that...)

You know, maybe someday they will put on stuff that uplifts humanity instead of teaching/supporting them to fight and kill one another...

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