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January 31, 2012


Is this the world's fattest squirrel?


(Thanks to Lani)


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It needs the number fer Jenny Craig ...

Maybe it's just big boned like Cartman?

I can't believe I ate the whole thing....

You did, squirrel.

Oh look, Alfred Hitchcock's been reincarnated!

(A geezer alert may be required)

Looks like an out take from " Caligula " .

sophie's gonna need a bigger canvas

It look like they might have found the source of all squirrel evil in the world. Well I can hope.

Looks like a chinchilla.

That's a pretty big squirrel.

"Bring me Solo and the Wookiee, they will all suffer for this outrage."


Looks like Linda Rondstadt, posing for one of her later album covers.

Oh, come on, P'B' ... Linda wuzn't THAT plumped up ...

O-the-Ewe: Wanna Bet?

Are the Guinness people on their way? (World record; not beer.)

LOL, that poor squirrel!
And yes folks, it IS a squirrel, not a chinchilla. It is a Southern Flying Squirrel. Google it! You can even see the membranes under it's arms in the video that is uses to stretch out and "fly" (glide) with. However, this fat @ss won't be flying any time soon!

Got the glide path of a brick, that squirrel ...

I don't think, P'B', that Linda is as plump as that rodent ... proportionately ... really ... tho I'll admit she's a fair amount over the size she wuz when she wuz slimmer ... merely sayin' ...

I dated him.

What happened to those pesky New Years resolutions?

he wont be jumpin from tree to tree, now will he..

I see Kirstie Alley is getting ready for another Weight Watchers campaign

I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend "repeated poking" as a diagnostic technique in this (or any other)case.

It's a chinchilla...no squirrel I've ever seen would stop for that long, much less eat that much.

Squirrels are hard wired to be nervous, energetic and
destructive. Not to be a Jabba-like bean-bag
couch potato. WHICH IS WHY WE MUST...never mind.

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