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January 27, 2012


Here's a cape woven from the silk of a million spiders.

(Thanks to Scott MGS)


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In related news, 1,000,000 spiders march on Whitehall demanding better working conditions....

I'll bet it's hard to get off

Does it come in any other color?

"required four years, one-million Malagasy golden orb spiders, and eighty workers to catch and release the two-inch arachnids daily"

So that means that there are eighty Malagasy golden orb spider wranglers looking for work now? That'll be a challenge for the temp agency.

LOLLER @ tryin' to visualize the results of pad's post ...

Thx otu, I was picturing a long line of really nimble guys out the employment agency's door, myself.

"According to our extensive job survey, you might be equally suited to wrangling beetles or scorpions."
"Nah. It's just not the same."

I hear there are openings in Bronx for a crew to put nametags in hissing cockroaches.

Eighty workers and a million spiders for one garment? This has "Union" written all over it.

MtB ... that'd be the AAAGSP, eh?

(Association of Asian Arachnidal Garment Spinners Production)

Come into my parlour...


Just to be clear:

My mom (RIP) was a Trustee for a local affiliate of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. This was an honest outfit, interested in protecting and advancing both workers' jobs and the industry that provided them.

My joke was at the expense of unions in general, but I believe in them as a necessary part of the management/labor balance.

Hey, this might explain why there were so many "accidents" on that Broadway spidy show. I'll bet that the wranglers were non-union!

I've heard it really difficult (as in: Im-f_ _ _ ing-possible) to get a job in the theater in NYC unless one belongs to a union ... merely observin' here ...

Maybe so, O, but that doesn't make all unions bad. Generalizing leads one down a poorly informed road. Ask why.

Sorry, my bad for bringing it up at all where it doesn't belong.

Oh I wuzn't sayin' unions are bad ... merely that in sum locations they perty much have a "very firm hand" in controllin' who may or may not werk ...

I've allus been a union man if/when I wuz in a job-type dealie where it wuz considered to be merely an option ... never werked where it wuz mandatory, but even the "choice" areas have inducements ... most of which are not "bad" per se ...

Nodak is a right-to-werk state, so unions aren't much of a big deal here, except in certain occupations ... electrical, plumbing ... well, the AMA of course, and the teachers perty much stay in the union becuz there's sum REALLY WACKO ways to lose ones job if one doesn't have the union backin' 'em up (one teacher lost a job becuz she told her class that Santa Claus wuzn't real ... another becuz she wuz a redhead, "and you know how redheads are ..." said one school board member ... ISIANMTU! ...

But unions has a place, so I don't think they should be deleted ... but it's fun to tease 'em a bit ... as long as the union guy doesn't have a large hammer or wrench in his hand ...

And the NYC theater story is true (long ago) ... a friend (werkin' stage crew) said he walked across the stage, picked up a hammer, walked back, and lost his job ... wuzn't in the carpenters' union ...

Some unions have stupid rules, agreed.

As a non-union contract employee I enjoy the union electricians, I have some one to chat with while I work.

Are we to believe that these eighty spider wranglers each captured, "milked" and released 125,000 spiders each day as suggested in the article? I'm just a bit skeptical!

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