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January 25, 2012


Penguin defecates on state Senate floor

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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'mr. pop penguins poopers'

"The Chair recognizes the gentleman in the tuxedo."


"Thank you, your vote has been recorded."

Adding a penguin to the US Senate might polar-ize the debate even more.

And here I had no idea penguins even followed U.S. politics...

Poor thing. He looks cute.

Wowser! Even the penguins are editorializin' now ...

(Actually, it wuz more likely that the Senate scared the bird as much as it scares the voters ... and the boid voided ... )

I'm surprised they noticed it along with all the other guano put out in that chamber.

The Democrats stated this was a good thing because their programs were working. The penguin now had a job and could afford food which helped produce the 'product'. The Republicans stated that it was too bad because this meant the poor penguin was being so overtaxed by the Democrats he couldn't afford his own pot to poo in.


Nah. Looks more like Chilly Willy ...

*Geezer Bus now loading!*

Tennessee Tuxedo? (Close to Kentucky ....)

*Quit shoving, I'm looking for my bus pass.*


*cuts to the front of the line*

*stares up at the moon*

A day withOUT droppings in that body would be a rara avis, indeed.

They stood Paula on top of the telly, but it didn't help the reception.

(An old Monte Python joke.)

Just one poop? I'm surprised they noticed it.

When Senator Jeanne Shaheen was NH Governor, she was photographed on Earth Day standing in the Merrimack River with a net. One newspaper ran a photo on the front page captioned: "Governor finds hip boots are useful outside the State House."


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