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January 31, 2012


After police found him asleep and surrounded by empty beer cans in an SUV that was obstructing traffic, a Chicago man urinated on the police station floor and then entertained himself by singing loudly and playing air piano, prosecutors said.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Who among us...

At least he didn't use the bathroom on the floor of the police car.

I didn't know Sir Elton was visiting the US.

So ... whut wuz he playin' on piano?

Clair de Lune? Etudes? Polkas? Mal de Mer?

Does he take requests?

He admitted he had drank eight beers, three shots of tequila and three shots of cognac, according to the police report.

Now Santa Ana is a real man's man, despite the unfortunate name.

"Now Santa Ana is a real man's man..."

Depends -- if he was singing and playing air piano to Barry Manilow tunes, all bets are off.

Santa Ana Zuloaga-Campuzano:

another case of hyphenation intoxication

If it weren't for having those damn cameras in the squad cars there would have been some major taser practice going on.

Aaah, that brings back memories of my time in the Army.

"Entertained himself"? How do the prosecutors know the man found himself entertaining? We'll have to wait for his critical review. Could be "Smashing! Amazing! Best Air Piano Ever!", or could be "When God created air piano, he was not thinking of this drunk, pissing man in the police station." We must demand more exacting journalism and prosecution.

Whew, just reading the headline I thought Dave had been caught celebrating at the end of his book tour. had me worried until I read the story. Unless the names were changed to protect the famous?

Verily we have all sinned and fallen short... some more than others.

The unfortunate result of Santa's lactose intolerance diagnosis.

Oh I get it.

You pro-nounce his name "Santa-na" like the rock/jazz

And he though he was auditioning for a talent show, and drank a few bottles to take the " nervous edge" some people experience before performing.

But don't encourage him, or we may yet see him on
FOX or NBC "talent" shows...

Indeed shameful and hilarious! After he'll recover, definitely, he will feel ashamed of it! This should be a warn to everybody. Control yourself!

Asked to submit to a breath test, he refused, asking, “What’s the point? I know I’m drunk,” according to a police report.

This man needs to be in Congress - his honesty exceeds that of all our politicians. We also need video - not only do they video in-car, the testing rooms usually have video too.

I give Santa Ana two thumbs up.

YouTube demands video. The next "Friday" girl.

he had drank? mr language person should really be giving out demerits for that one.


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