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January 28, 2012


A Pelion woman allegedly slipped out of her handcuffs, disabled a police car’s blue lights, destroyed its radio and radar systems and used the bathroom on the floor board during an arrest earlier this week.

(Thanks to rs)


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the floor board had a bathroom? they should have said - used the floor board AS a bathroom.
just helpin out mr language person

They stole a cell phone and a cigarette lighter? They'd do better going after some dental equipment.

I thot that also, q'bee ... I figgered if the cops have bathrooms in their cars, and a drive-thru donut store, they'd never get outta their cruisers ...

"Handcuffs in her pants ... " ? ? ?

Sorta a DIY chastity belt?

Yep, MtB ... they look kinda rugged ... I'd hope to think that despite Moi Ownself havin' a couple of decades on either of 'em, I don't look quite that bedraggled ...

A wonderful woman from Pelion
Tried holding more beer than her belly can
Her bladder was weak
So a dump & a leak
She left in the car - what a hellion!

Hi, ligirl ... say, y'know ... yer perty good @ them little poems, y'know? Reminds me of Moi Ownself @ a MUCH younger age ... but I wuzn't as quick as y'all do be ... or as clever ... but I wuzn't bald then, either ...

Busy. Busy. Busy.
Lots to do and not much time.
Oh, why did I take that Valium? It's put me behind schedule.

thank you, O - if i make anyone else laugh then it's all worthwhile
(some of you make me giggle, too)

in the words of eliza doolittle: 'I'm a good girl, i am'

I've never understood how crooks can drink, take Valium, and then go on a rampage. Whenever I've given Valium to someone it knocks them out. When I had my shoulder surgery a few months ago they gave me Valium because I was a little tense in that none of my body was actually relaxed enough to touch the stretcher. The only thing I did was ask the anesthe, anethisy, atheist, guy that puts you to sleep if he would like to go out sometime.

And what did he say, cindy? You've got us all on edge.

So, n'cin' ... y'all asked him if he'd like to go out sumtime ... shortly prior to when y'all went out ...

And y'all've thot it might be fun to go out together ... ahhhh ... that's the gas talkin' ...

(Yeah! Wadhesay? Details? Fotos?)

Jeff, I have no idea what he said. I fell asleep.

Just as well NC I'm pretty sure he isn't allowed to bring the good stuff out on dates ;)

Yeah ... frum whut I know of "confidentiality" rules & such, told to me by MB(RH?) (several times), this sorta "takin' yer werk home with ya" would sorta be out-of-bounds ...

The "mug shots make "Ma and Pa Kettle" look "high class"!

"..used the bathroom on the floor board..."???

Since when do police cars get fitted with this amenity? No wonder the police are always asking for more money!

Time to buy more Febreze!!!

She's 48 and he's 46? Good grief. I've got 10 years on her and if I do say so myself, she looks more like my mother than my sister. (Sorry, mom, nothing personal--my mother is a quite lovely 82 years young. Not sure it was Valium they were on, sounds more like meth.

She went poo-poo on the po-po.

And, yet, the cops have nothing to go on.

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