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January 27, 2012


In Japan, Lastel is a hotel that stores dead bodies in refrigerated coffins.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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We'll leave the light off for ya.

people are dying to get in, but the board's stiff

"Hey honey, I found us a cheap
hotel on our trip to Japan!"

Ooh, look!
This hotel has satin sheets.

Morgue? Mausoleum? Morgoleum?

Kind of tacky. Why call it a hotel. Sounds gross. Just get more places to process the body.

How often do they change the linens?

Betcha they don't get as many calls for uncloggin' toilets, either ...

Yeah, and room service only has ice, whadda rippoff!!!

Yeah ... but the bar has formaldehyde on tap ...

This would be a good story for an upcoming movie except it would do well if there was another Vincent Price around who would be the owner of the hotel. You come there for a room and you never come out alive.

Whut this needs for a movie is a young Norman Bates.

Much more honest than Funeral homes.

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