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January 27, 2012


Virgin Mary appears on grill of La Feria restaurant

(Thanks to David Kirtley)


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Send it to Connecticut!

Not exactly an immaculate kitchen there.

'Sanchez was sure to snap a picture with her cell phone for those who don't believe.....'


Hail Mary full of grease.

must be using extra-virgin olive oil

Hop in the hand basket ligirl.

It may get a little crowded though.

*greases Mikey's psalms to make room*

Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our lunch, Amen.

Tonight on Comedy Central!
Tune in for the Roast of the Virgin Mary!
You'll laugh 'til you die!

I know it's bein' "picky" but that is NOT a real "grill" ... merely whut the uninformed have designated as one ... it's nuthin' more than a LARGE fryin' pan, stuck over the top of the heat-providin' part of the stove/oven ...

THEREfore, one might accurately surmise that this wuz NOT the BVM ...

Looks more like Mary Magdalene, if y'all ask Moi Ownself ...

Holy Disrespect, Batman! Cooking on the grease-laden image of the holy mother? Have these fiends no heart?

I'll bet they don't even use Virgin (olive) Oil!

If the food doesn't upset you, surely their "Jesus Juice" will...a bend of papaya, alcohol and soap that they "clean" er "putrify" the "grill" with...


She's hot.

Ralph has been awarded his very own handbasket!

Yeah ... but he's smilin' on his ride to Hades ...

Doesn't look like the kind of establishment where you would see many virgins.

How did this not happen in Hialeah?

Jesus told me to tell you to quit talking smack about his mom.

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