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January 29, 2012


Tablet full of crude gags and riddles about beer is found - dating back to Exodus

(Thanks to Ben Jolly)


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Dave, did you read the riddles? Obviously, people has no sense of humor back then.

SO THAT's where Leno gets his material?

"The text has large parts missing, and also appears to have been carved by an inexperienced scribe."

Despite the similarity in description to most of my comments, I didn't author this thing. I'm not that old.

No, funny man - he gets a lot of it from Dave. (Seriously. Always about 2 days after something shows up here it turns up on Leno.)

Moses, "So an Jew, a Hittite and an Egyptian walk into a bar..."

" ... appears to have been carved by an inexperienced scribe ..."

Heck, I know whut this is ...

Remember when we'd be bored, in study hall, and we'd doodle & scribble all over our notebooks?

Sum teen-ager did this ... now, to decipher the mind of a teener, 3,500 years ago ...

proof that beer makes people babylon

What's a joke book without a fart somewhere?

oy, moishe, i heard that one already.....

At the bottom:
Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all millennium. Try the mutton and don't forget to tip my serfs.

You think those are funny? Here, I got a Bedouin. *harimshot*
And, speaking of ancient, take my wives.
No, seriously, good evening, ladies and Gentiles.....

Beer: don't drink the water!

"auxiliary forces" seems obvious... haven't they ever heard the term "little soldiers"?

Found at the same archaeological site was a tablet inscribed with what has been roughly translated as, "Pulleth thine finger."

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